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  1. Karen

    I voted “screaming children” as the worst, but I want to qualify that with, “depending on the restaurant environment and the reaction of the parents.” When I walk into a McDonald’s or other similar eatery, I know what I’m getting into, there will be children there and it’s likely, they’ll be throwing a temper tantrum. That being stated, I do expect, even in a McDonald’s, the parents to do SOMETHING about the situation. If the child is screaming so loud and for so long I can’t talk to the person next to me or hear myself think, then there is a problem. This becomes more unacceptable the more adult the restaurant. Waiting a long time to get a table can be made to pass by more quickly if you have someone to keep you company, but this drags out even further when there is a screaming child within your proximity. Bad/cold food is unfortunate but can be rectified by speaking politely to the person attending you; if the person attending you is slow or inattentive, I think we should try to be as understanding and patient as the situation allows. Sometimes people have off days or they’re busy or there are any number of obstacles behind the scenes. I often check out a restaurant’s menu on their website beforehand in order to get an idea of what kind of food they’re serving or what I might want. I am wary of restaurants that don’t post some form of their menu on their website. I think the thing that makes screaming children the worst is that you have no control over it, you don’t know when it will stop and there’s not much you can do to rectify it.

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