• Chocobo

      It might depend on what calendar you are using to determine the Christmas season, secular or religious:

      The day after Thanksgiving is the beginning of the commercial Christmas season and ends on Christmas day. So any time between the last Friday of November and December 25th would be appropriate. On the 2012 calendar that would be between Friday, November 24th and Tuesday, December 25th.

      But the religious calendar for Christmas usually ends at least twelve days after Christmas, hence the twelve days of Christmas. That would be January 6th. Different Christian sects may follow different liturgical calendars and have varying beginnings of the Christmas season.

      To cover all our bases, let’s just say that it would be okay to send your Christmas cards any time between the last Friday of November and January 6th.

  1. Jody

    I send most of mine out over Thanksgiving weekend. That’s less stressful for me — I write them out before I get caught up in the wrapping/shipping crunch.

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