1. Clara

    And in addition: document, document, document. Write down everything! Write down an account of what occurred on the morning that you were yelled at. No one should have to take abuse or harassment at work, and documenting everything can really help you down the road. To be able to show someone concrete records of incidents “Rosie raised her voice at me, swore and slammed a binder down in front of me on September 8th at 1pm.” is much better than saying “Rosie yelled at me twice last month.”

  2. Jerry

    Eleanore Roosevelt said that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. I think that’s good advice.

    If someone is yelling at you, you should feel free to tell them “I don’t allow anyone to talk to me like that.” And if she continues to yell, you can punish her by yelling back or by simply leaving the room. (And if that means you don’t have a job later on, so be it. Better to not have a job than to be subject to abuse.)

  3. Jon

    If it happens again, stand up for yourself. Don’t let the yelling intimidate you.

    When the offender finishes his yelling, I’d say loudly, “Wow. That’s really disrespectful of you.”

    And then be silent. Observe.

    Look at the bright side. If you are already upset about work to the point where you spend half a day crying, it can’t get much worse.

  4. Vanna Keiler

    Wow, this situation sounds like an episode of Restaurant Stakeout or one of the other business reality shows. Perhaps the person dealing with this problem should write to the producers to get some heavy intervention undertaken.

    I agree with the above comments, minus the return yelling suggestion. I would not lower myself to the company’s current (low) standards. Have to think of your own mental health in this situation. I agree with voicing a complaint , if only to feel the satisfaction of them knowing why you are leaving the job. Jobs may be hard to find, but so are good people, and they may realize that and try to modify their behavior.

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