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  1. Country Girl

    I can say from personal experience that it is near impossible to hold a wedding and all its functions and festivities without hurting someone from exclusion. At my bachelorette party, my mom offered to be our designated driver and my husband’s step mother ended up being very offended that my mom was “included” and she wasn’t. Who knew. In the case of a bachelor party though, your boyfriend should not be terribly offended. Typically groomsmen are the only surefires on the list.

    As EPI also mentioned, the groom does not typically plan his own bachelor party. Even if he has, perhaps there are events planned that he knows your boyfriend will not enjoy/approve of? (strip club or heavy drinking come to mind.) Perhaps he or the planning party are trying to avoid putting your bf in an uncomfortable situation.

    Hard as it may be, it is better to comfort your boyfriend and let this slide. Making any kind of fuss will put you both in a bad light… and could land your bf a forced invitation; one which he would have to uncomfortably turn down since you say he does not want to go in the first place.

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