1. Vanna Keiler

    I would say at this point, you can do nothing and probably should do nothing if you want to prevent career suicide. The annoying co-worker will soon be your boss. Anyone who approaches her at this point and annoys her or hurts her feelings as a result will be henceforward on her radar in the future and most probably will not be looked upon favorably (it’s human nature, folks).

    It’s a shame this issue was not dealt with sooner, before the promotion was in the horizon. At that point, a small group of coworkers could have approached her supervisor and simply voiced that the level of noise she was bringing to her cubicle was distracting, and hopefully she would have been advised to tone it down.

    • Jerry

      Career suicide is a bit harsh. There are other places to work. You’re right, though, that confronting the annoying co-worker could lead to retaliation. But nothing prevents anyone from approaching Chatty Cathy’s boss now.

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