1. Winifred Rosenburg

    I know people throw birdseed instead of rice because they think it’s better for birds, but really birdseed isn’t good for birds either; birds hurt their beaks trying to pick it up off the sidewalk. If you choose to throw rice, birdseed, or any other solid thing really please make sure somebody sweeps it up shortly after.

  2. D

    Isn’t it sort of odd to create a “fake” leave though? Something that never actually happened at your wedding? I think just getting pictures of how the day actually was makes so much more sense. And fonder memories when the photos are back, no?

  3. Alicia

    It is common for people to leave the church immediately following the wedding and then to go back inside for pictures. Is this what you mean by fake leave leave and then go back inside? This may work well for you.

  4. L

    Brutal honesty here: I think this is weird and tacky. Maybe it’s encouraged by wedding websites now, but if it is, I think that’s misguided. You will have hundreds of pictures of that day. Why are you so fixated on those ~5 pictures that you want to get everyone off the dance floor and make the production of you leaving if you actually aren’t? If you do, you’re probably going to spend the rest of the night explaining why you’re still there.

    I assume that you don’t actually want to leave in time for the big send off because you want to enjoy every minute of the celebration. Have you thought about the effect this “fake leave” will have on the party? I suspect that lots of the guests will leave immediately after the send off. Worse, even if they don’t want to leave, they may feel that your exit was a signal that they need to leave.

    And the tacky part- you’re either lying to your guests (“Everyone head outside to say goodbye to the couple since they’re leaving now”) or being honest but awkward (“Everyone head outside to do the send off picture, then we’ll all get back to celebrating with the couple!” which will probably just cause confusion since, if it’s a big wedding, most guests will probably just follow the crowd and assume that you’re leaving anyway… Then the explaining still).

    Pictures are supposed to document the wonderful things that actually occurred at your wedding. Making sure that you get all the same pictures as everyone else isn’t the point of the day. Also, treating your guests like extras in a movie (in this case, still photos) isn’t very gracious and isn’t the point of inviting guests.

  5. Brockwest

    I feel it is fine to “leave” the wedding the first time, then re-enter to take pictures. I beg of you to keep the time short with the picture-taking. I’ve endured two hour waits as the bridal party takes pictures as I’m hungry and thirsty, but wouldn’t dream of touching anything until the bridal party arrives.
    I went to a dream wedding several years ago in which there was to be a prolonged period between the wedding and the reception. While the bridal party was off taking their pictures, a mini-reception was held, with wine/beer and finger foods.
    When the actual reception came, there was then a sit-down dinner with full open bar. I thought that was a great compromise.

    • helen woods

      I’m sorry but it is just rude to keep your guests waiting for 2 hours. Many of the new wedding planners drag the picture taking out too long and guests are left ambling about. My new rule: you got 30 minutes then I’m outta there. Both of my children left the church and went directly to the reception to greet guests. The unplanned pictures are the best anyway. This practice of keeping the guests waiting needs to be addressed.

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