1. Joanna

    I’ve worked in a variety of offices over the past decade or so, and in my experience, there are many people who think they’re “too important” to do things like replace toner or paper in a copier or fax. This may be annoying, but still work out if there’s a secretary. In my current area, there isn’t one. So, because I’m in my early thirties and the youngest on the floor, everyone says, “Oh, the printer’s out of toner!” and looks at me to work my magic like maybe it’s my special job to take care of it. (It’s not.)

  2. In general moral and ethic values have declined; being it in the workplace or elsewhere. Actions often show a morally bankrupt falling off the economical Niagara Falls. Everyone is waiting for somebody else to fix problems. Egocentric generation and placing themselves higher than others. Management has to set standards for this. It will not only show in the workplace but it does affect customers as well. Guidance is needed and if we are not willing to go that way, we will face a morally bankrupt falling off he economical Niagara Falls!
    Let’s hope our nation will get its act back together after many years of decline; we have to, or else it will be too late.
    And the immature game of finger pointing and looking at others for correcting ones shortcomings should become the past.
    Good luck!

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