1. Country Girl

    This is wonderful advice. If necessary I always prefer the man to enter first when going outside, and for me to enter first when going inside. In addition to the safety aspect, it is also nice not to be left standing and waiting in the elements.

    That said, I actually HATE revolving doors, pushed or automatic. They can be simply awkward to sometimes dangerous. (Trying to push a heavy door in high heels on a slippery floor is never a good time.) If available, I think it is always preferable to direct your lady to a regular swing door to hold open for her. Most establishments have both in order to abide by fire codes and to accommodate handicapped patrons.

  2. John

    I was taught as a young man that the man should go first into a building, to ensure that it is safe for the lady to enter; e.g. if there is a burglar in the house. Otherwise he is using her as an ‘advance party’.

  3. Mildred

    Is it okay to ask a male good friend to go on a cruise. We have been friends for 13years. Will that cross our firendship. There’s 2 separate beds. He is just a very good friend that I talked to everynight.

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