Poll:Winter White?

Whether it be an old school idea or a fashion tip to live by, white can be considered a "fashion faux pas" after Labor Day. Does this still apply to today?

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  1. This is a good question and I stick with if done tastefully… That is, in the season the person is living in. Often we had to pack up for visiting the southern hemisphere and than you just dress for the opposite seasons. And a white blouse can always go well with a winter suit.
    Happy Labor Day to EPI

    Mariette’s Back to Basics

  2. Jody

    I live in the Washington DC area and it often stays hot well after labor day. I wear while after Labor Day as long as the weather is warm. Once the weather turns cool I don’t feel comfortable wearing white (possibly because all my cool/cold weather clothes are darker colors).

    • I agree. When I lived in Florida, white was acceptable all year around. Today where I currently live, the temperature will be 107 degrees. I’m pretty sure that no one will mistake today for autumn!
      I believe this “no white in winter” issue pertained more to shoes, and was because the winters in Europe can be wet (making for muddy white shoes!).

  3. Winifred Rosenburg

    For whatever it’s worth, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly from TLC’s What Not to Wear say white after Labor Day is totally fine. :)

  4. Chocobo

    I still adhere to “No White After Labor Day.” However, I was taught that white means white, not off-white, ecru, beige, cream, “winter white” or other white-like colors. So it’s perfectly fine to continue wearing cream-colored shoes and pants throughout the year. Although once autumn and winter weather really hits, white and it’s variants become rather impractical for shoes.

    It is admittedly a little strange to see a woman in a bright-white dress or skirt in October unless she is getting married.

  5. Alicia

    Honestly I never wear pure white . Mainly due to my clutz like tendancy. I can not manage a white dress or skirt or shorts without endin up with a stain. So I skip them year round and wear other colors.

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