1. Jerry

    This is a problem that will resolve itself. One of a few things will happen:

    1. The constant phone calls will interrupt client meetings, clients will get frustrated and leave, and the business will reevaluate its priorities. (I know I walk out of stores where the salesperson interrupts a discussion with me to pick up the phone.)

    2. The constant phone calls will make staff meetings so unproductive that the business will quickly reverse its policy. (I know I turned down a job offer because the interviewer took a phone call during an interview.)

    Oh, if the OP feels secure enough in her job, I’d consider ignoring the memo.

  2. Jody

    I agree with Jerry’s last line.

    If I were a client of this company, I would be highly offended at this policy. Even if the other person were taking a minute here or there to get a callback number, that’s that much less time he has to pay attention to me and my requests. I would be inclined to take my business elsewhere (assuming there’s a choice of companies) and let management know the reason. I would hope that management realizes the policy is the reason for losing business and not the company’s people.

  3. Melanie

    No, it’s rude.. not to mention disruptive to both myself and others in the meeting. I ley any calls during meetings go to my answering service (FYI I use http://www.alldaypa.com ). I would recommend getting an answering service to take a message – it’s more professional than voicemail.


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