1. Clara

    I have accepted a new position in a public institution which requires a transfer out of the current public institution in which I have been working for 5 years. Everyone at my current worksplace is extremely happy for me and offering support and congratulations. I do not make the switch until the middle of next month. There is a special needs girl who works here part time and she is a sweet person. However, when major things happen: bad weather, power outages, holidays etc she talks about it for days on end over and over again and very loudly. If someone is out for vacation, when they return she loudly asks the person why they had to go on vacation. Most of us treat her very respectfully and will sort of gesture a “Shh” motion and then answer her questions very politely with a smile. I have asked as many people as possible not to speak of my departure to her or around her until it is much closer to the date. I can see it now: “Clara is leaving! Why do you have to leave?” day in and day out. I also do not want any members of the public with whom I deal on a regular basis to know until much closer to the date. Otherwise it will be non stop discussions about it. We have a staff meeting this week and I am afraid that my boss will refer to my departure in front of her and then we will set off a month of this! Any suggestions?

    • I suggest asking your boss to refrain from mentioning your departure at the meeting because you don’t want to upset this person, nor do you want members of the public to know just yet. Your reasons are valid, and I can’t imagine that your boss is ignorant of how excited this person gets about news.

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