1. L. Montaine

    In my son’s wedding, is it okay for me, (his mother) to request my son to walk me down the isle, without his stepmother? He wants to do this, but she wants to be on his other arm. I feel I should have that privilege only, as I raised him, and he already told her he was planing on having her already be seated up front. As far as I know, stepfathers aren’t on both sides of the bride walking her down the isle! What do you think?

    • Elizabeth

      It is really up to your son to decide. This handy article describes a variety of traditions for different faiths – perhaps that will help you all design the procession. http://weddings.about.com/od/yourweddingceremony/a/Processional.htm

      For instance, in the Jewish tradition, both parents escort the groom down the aisle, and in the Catholic tradition, the groom enters in a side door and actually does not walk down the aisle at all, except for at the end. If it will be a religious wedding, the officiant should be consulted as well. If your son wants you alone to walk him down the aisle, then step-mom and groom’s dad can walk down the aisle after everyone is seated and before the processional music starts. But really, in the end, the bride and groom have to make the decision.

    • Alicia

      It is really up to your son. He can walk neither, one or both of you down the aisle. Whatever choice he makes is fine. In his shoes I would probably have each of you walk in alone as to avoid the conflict or have you escorted by groomsmen and then have him enter on his own. But there is no formal rules. So whatever makes the groom the happiest is the best option.
      From your perspective making a fuss about the stepmother vs mother issue will take away from you looking wonderfully gracious and from your sons enjoyment of his own wedding more then a relaxed well it is just walking some 100 feet attitude.

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