1. Lilli

    I disagree on this one – any grooming that needs to be done should be done in the ladies room. This just happens to be one of my biggest pet peeves and it drives me nuts when I’m out at restaurants!

  2. Nina

    Hi Mariette and Lilli,

    In general I agree with EPI’s advice on this one, but with all etiquette advice it should be qualified by context. I probably would not fix my lipstick at the table with a group of people I didn’t know well–one of them could be, like you ladies, offended by that sort of thing. However, among my friends, no one minds a quick touch-up, and I would feel comfortable doing so. It never occurred to me that strangers at other tables would be offended by me remaining at my own and quietly applying lipstick–in general, I do what I can to make others feel comfortable, but I’m not sure I’m going to alter my behaviour on this one…

    All best,

    • My grandmother has been touching up her lipstick at the table since before World War II, I imagine. She does it quietly and quickly as the advice suggests. I often seen young women applying a quick dab of lip gloss while at the table, and haven’t thought a thing of it. I think if someone whips out her hair brush while at dinner, that would be a bit much. Lipstick among friends? Not so much.

  3. Abi Lovell

    I believe my neighbor may have overheard a conversation I was having with a friend while we were standing outside, in which I made some negative comments about my neighbor. I am not sure if the conversation was overheard. How do I tell if my neighbor heard the conversation or not? Do I just act like nothing ever happened? Or do I bring it up to the neighbor and apologize?

    • Elizabeth

      It would be best to say nothing until you know for sure that she overhead something. If you do receive that confirmation, it would be best to go to her directly, apologize and clear the air.

    • Chocobo

      I agree. Say nothing, pretend it never happened unless you have a clear indication that your neighbor did indeed overhear you. If it does turn out your neighbor heard what they weren’t supposed to, go to them and apologize profusely.

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