Tipping Trip-Up: A haircut from the salon owner

by epi on August 27, 2012

Q: Is it proper to tip the owner of a salon, or diner if they are
providing you with the service? I have always been taught not to, but
many do not agree.

A: If the owner of the salon charges more for his/her services than other stylists in the salon charge, you do not tip. If he/she charges the same, then you do tip. If you aren’t sure, call and ask the booker or secretary if there is a difference in rates depending on who your stylist is.

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Diane August 29, 2012 at 4:48 pm

Speaking of tipping, we have access to a concierge at our place of business, for personal or business use. I have no idea how much to tip or even for what services I should tip. If I just ask for recommendations for restaurants I would guess a tip is not in order. What if they make a reservation for me ? I would want to tip if they arranged a party, special night out, or got me tickets to a sold out show, but I have no idea how much to tip. Please help!


sr September 4, 2012 at 9:48 pm

what if the owner is the only stylist? tip? if the answer is no and i have tipped in the past – is it ok to just stop?


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