1. Winifred Rosenburg

    My husband isn’t a fan of hugs. He doesn’t want to hurt people’s feelings by not letting them hug him though so what he does is turn sort of sideways to the person and give him or her a one-armed hug. This minimizes torso contact and might be useful in situations like this.

  2. Joanna

    I’m sure the friend was well aware of being sweaty! You’d think he might have simply said something prior to leaning in, i.e. “Leaving already? I really wanted to give you a hug, but I’m all sweaty!” That would serve to both convey the intent of wanting to give a closer goodbye, even in the event that it wasn’t actually given, and also give the recipient the choice of either saying, “Oh, that’s ok, what’s a little sweat?” or else “Oh, that’s ok, I know you would if you could.”

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