1. Margaret

    When putting a family crest blind embossed at the top of a wedding invitation, do you include the name under the shield?

    • Elizabeth

      A cursory search of family crests online shows them almost exclusively without the name attached, though some include mottos underneath.

  2. Rachel

    My fiancé and I are not getting married for another 20 months. We found invitations that are both in love with, but the company isn’t sure if they’ll still carry them when it comes time for us to purchase them. I want to buy them now and store them until we are ready to send them out but my Mom says we should wait to buy and hopefully the company will still carry them in a year. My mom however is not paying for the invitations, myself and my fiancé are. What am I supposed to do?

    • Elizabeth

      Usually invitations are printed with highly specific information: the date, the time, the location, etc – things that you probably do not have nailed down at this point. Depending on the type of invitation, typically companies print everything at once – the invitation is usually not pre-printed and then the specific information overlaid on top. Unless you are planning on running the invitations through a printer yourself, it does not make sense to buy them “blank.” Rather, you should take very good screen shots of the invitation and, in the case that they are not available later, a print shop or stationary boutique would have no trouble reproducing them.

  3. Alicia

    Additionally you are not getting marrried for 20 months so you do not need to send them out for 18 months you might see a invite in the next 18 months that you like even more. Also if you save the site they might go on sale. Before tey discountinue things they are likely to have a large sale price. Also paper yellows over time and thus someting printed two years ago might not look as nice as someting printed closer.
    Also you need the number of guests and that may not be a firm list yet either.

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