1. Selena Crochet

    Hi! My son is a ring bearer in his Aunt’s wedding in November. It will take place at a plantation @ 6:30 in the evening.

    The groom is wearing a tuxedo with a tie (not a bow tie). Is it appropriate for the ringbearers to wear a black suit with a tie that coordinates with the groommen & groom? Or do they need to rent a tuxedo. The bride is fine with a black suit & coordinating tie for the ringbearers, but another family member states that black suits are inappropraite attire for kids @ a wedding. I know nothing of the subject, so I thought I would ask. For what it is worth, the bridesmaids are not all wearing the exact dress, but dresses of the same fabric & color, but different styles.



    • Chocobo

      Is the ring bearer very young? Young boys do not wear tuxedos. Tuxedos are men’s wear and it looks about as appropriate as a young girl in a woman’s ballgown. I think it is most important to consider the age of the child and choose something that is age-appropriate, then worry about coordination. If he is a boy, a suit or jacket and tie with slacks should be fine. If he is a toddler, a vest or jacket with formal boys’ shorts will do.

    • Elizabeth

      Many tuxedo rental shops do carry tuxedos in very small sizes for the ring bearers – mostly because people find it cute. However, it can be expensive – $60 or $80 is not uncommon, and so a lot of people shy away from it.

      I would go with the wishes of the bride and groom, and your little boy will look perfect in a suit. It does not have to match the wedding party’s clothing exactly.

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