1. Deanna Stewart

    I was drawn to website after just leaving my son’s school having a conference with the princpal and his teacher about correspondence she sent me written in red ink with underlining, circles and exclamation points ALL in red ink. I was very offended by the note, hence prompting the conference; however, the administration at the school thought the teacher was not out of line with what she did and expressed to me that my concern was “old-fashioned” and teachers may communicate in any color ink. I am still uneasy about it all and wanted your input.

  2. Alicia

    I’d say the content of the note matters more then the color. Is it the ideal to write in red probably not. However, having a conference with the administrator is a bit much. Saying “Please do not write in red ink to me as it comes across as correcting ” would not be too much. If I was the administrator I too would backup the teacher to write in whatever color ink they like and then privately ask them to not use red ink to send notes in the future. If the content is fine and the teacher is communicating needed things about your son I would focus on that and ignore others ink color selections.
    It is not technically wrong or rude just not commonly used to use colored ink.

  3. Elley

    Actually it is very rude to use red ink in any written communication. I would complaint to the principal on this matter rather then the administration. Also telling parent one thing and telling the teachers not to do it is also a very rude and unprofessional manner in handling this situation.

  4. Bianca

    It is basic etiquette 101 not to communicate to someone in red ink. It’s considered an insult and it’s sad when one is at certain levels and don’t know the political correct things. It’s never ok this is why it is never used in a professional setting.

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