1. Jody

    I think the EPI advice is spot-on here. When at another person’s house, you leave things as they have them. When they’re in your house, you expect them to do the same. They like their house cold; since you know what it’s like you can (as EPI suggests) bring a sweater with you. If it’s an impromptu invitation — for example, you’re walking past and your neighbors say “come on in” — you can always say “sure, just let me grab a sweater.” If they don’t turn up the thermostat, though, I wouldn’t push it.

    • Rebecca

      Plus, it’s not always apparent as to whether the neighbors might have a medical condition that causes them to keep the house so cold. Perhaps there’s a woman going through menopause, or perhaps someone is on some kind of medication that causes them to overheat. You don’t know. So, it’s doubly unacceptable to go fiddling with their temperature simply because you’re visiting.

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