1. Dear EPI team,

    The Answer given is very well done. Nothing I could add. It is very uncomfortable when one stares like that at another person…
    Keep these questions and answers coming at us. The world is starving for them!


  2. Vanna Keiler

    I agree with the EPI response, but I believe a more direct, quicker response is now needed. It is unfortunate the question asker has allowed this behavior to go on so long, thus inadvertently condoning the (irrational?) behavior. This behavior is distracting during the meeting and incredibly hostile, and the only solution is to call her out during meetings (admittedly confrontational, but you cannot focus on the conversation apparently) or simply tell her to stop staring at you during meetings, before a meeting starts. Since she is your co-worker, not your boss or some higher up in the company, I can only imagine the staring is very unprofessional when she should be focussing herself on the meeting. If it happened to me the next time, I would stare back at her, give her raised eyebrows and shrug my shoulders while mouthing “what??”. If she turns away and no longer looks, your problem is solved. If she continues to stare. I would interrupt the meeting (yes, you need to be brave and be in standing to try this) at some point and say “Excuse me for being off-topic, but Sandy, can you tell me why you keep staring at me during meetings? It is incredibly distracting and I want to focus on the meeting”. Unorthodox yes, but you will also get immediate response and people will also start staring at her from now on to see if she continues, out of curiosity (problem solved!).

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