1. Trish

    This is such an annoying issue, because it’s hard to say no if everyone else is saying “Sure!”. I often don’t have cash on me (I usually have my debit card), so sometimes I use that as an excuse. But a lot of people in our office just leave the product and the “collection envelope” in the main café so there’s no awkward asking or obligation. That seems more appropriate to me.

    • Alicia

      I’ve always had a “Nothing but thin mints” policy and I just say that. I will buy at least one box of thin mints anytime I am asked ( ok I am a thin mint junkie) but other then that I tell folks that I give to charity and support local events and that magazines or candy bar or whatever is not how I make the choice to support oranization.

      • Joanna

        My workplace also has employees put their various fundraisers on a table in the breakroom – can you speak to a supervisor and see if that’s possible at your place, too? Overall, it cuts down on awkwardness, since obviously anyone who’s interested will see it and be able to buy something, while others can simply keep clear.

  2. Jody

    My firm has a “classifieds” section in our intranet. Those whose kids are selling things post a notice on the classifieds. It solves the problem described in the question — nobody is “shamed” into buying anything, and those who really wish to purchase something can do so.

  3. Amy H

    I have two kids in school, and when I am soliciting for their fundraisers, I usually send out one general email to the office and put the envelope or order form in a public spot like the break room or next to the printer. I never ask anyone directly because I feel that puts them in an awkward position. Other parents do something similar, and it works well for us.

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