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  1. Susan Wojewoda

    I am training for a new job in a new city and living in a hotel. I eat out a lot or in my car on the run. Is it rude to throw out 1 0r 2 empty water bottles, some gum wrappers and an empty coffee cup that is in my car, inside a fast food restaurant that I am going to eat at? A friend told me this was rude, but I just don’t see what the big deal is. I do it at the hotel too. The garbage drives me nuts and I just can’t always find a public garbage can. Please enlighten me. Thank you.

    • As far as I know, those are public garbage cans, and are placed there for customers (you) to use so that you don’t clutter up their parking lots.

      I worked in a fast food place one summer long ago, and one of my responsibilities was emptying the garbage each day. As long as people weren’t trying to shove in all their household refuse, I didn’t mind.

    • Zakafury

      Laura is spot on. Many drive-through lanes have trash barrels specifically so you can clear out your cup holders before getting your order. There’s absolutely no reason to worry about it.

  2. Shannon Groesbeeck

    Recently I was invited to an engagement party that will be hosted by 4 couples and friends of the bride’s parents. It will be held at a private residence by one of the couples. No gifts for the bride and groom were requested, but should I have a hostess gift for the couple hosting?

    • Elizabeth

      Since the party is officially hosted by four couples as a group, it would be difficult to give a single “hostess” gift. It sounds like one couple is hosting by giving over the use of their house, but the three other couples might be providing the food, drink, etc. Since this is the case, I would not give the owners of the house a gift and not the others (they are all hosting, but in different ways). So unless you want to bring four hostess gifts (which might be a nice thing to do), I would say to skip it.

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