1. Sharla

    Our oldest daughter, (she is actually my step-daughter if that matters for the sake of this question) is engaged and planning a wedding next year. This will be her second marriage. For her first wedding, she eloped. Upon return home, a reception was held. (We were not asked to contribute to the reception. As far as I know her mother made the appetizers/finger foods etc.) Having said all that, who pays for the second wedding? She and her fiancee’ are financially able to manage, but I want to be sure that her father and I handle this properly. We have already committed to pay for their honeymoon. Also, I would like to know if her mother and step-father are obligated/should contribute.

  2. Suzanne

    Our daughter was married this past weekend, yesterday we received a thank you notecard from the grooms parents is it necessary to respond and if so by what method? Additionally should we now send a thank you for the rehearsal dinner they hosted or was our thanking them that evening enough?

    • Elizabeth

      It isn’t necessary to respond to a thank you note. However, since they did thank you via note for the wedding, it would be a nice gesture to send them a nice note for the rehearsal dinner. Better to start off your new relationship with your in-laws well and err on the side of too much rather than too little.

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