1. Allison

    I would like to order couples stationery for myself and my husband, but I’m not sure how to list our names on the letter sheets and correspondence cards. I kept my maiden name, so we have different last names. I know that the woman’s name comes first if there are no titles being used, and assuming both the husband and wife use the same last name. For example: Mary and John Elliot. So, if the wife has a different last name, would it be: Mary McBride and John Elliot? Also, is it acceptable to use the ampersand symbol instead of “and” between the names? Thanks in advance for your feedback!

  2. Kristen

    I get dialysis treatment three times a week, 3-1/2 hours a day. I am younger than most of the people there and use my time to read although each patient has their own TV. I have nothing against television, in fact, I watch quite slot at home, but the TVs at the kidney center are, or seem to me to be, so loud. Sometimes if I ask, the techs or nurse will ask one of my neighbors to turn the volume down, per my request, but I have been told, “well they need to able to hear”. Most of the patients are not close enough for me to ask them myself, or are often too hard of hearing to hear ME. There are simple hookups on the remote controls for headphones, but almost no one uses them. I am sick of sounding like a nag, but don’t I deserve a little quiet?

    • Elizabeth

      The simplest solution is: bring earplugs. There is no way to adjudicate whose rights have more claim – your right to read in relative quiet or the others’ right to watch TV. The treatment center seems to be set up to cater to their desires more than yours, so its a losing battle for you to insist on quiet. You could ask to be placed in the quietest area of the center. But again – the easiest solution is just to pack some cheap earplugs, that way you have your quiet and they have their TV.

  3. Emily

    Hello ladies! I was wondering what the proper etiquette is for when an older gentleman who had previously grayish/white hair suddenly dyes their hair brown? Do you comment on it or do you ignore it?

    Thank you!!


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