Invitation Investigation: Why was I the only one not invited?

by epi on July 20, 2012

Q: Everyone in my office has been invited to a co-worker’s wedding, but I have not received an invitation. I am as friendly with this person as most others, and there is definitely no reason for me not to be invited. How can I find out if I was really invited and invitation was lost?

A: There is really no right way to ask if you’ve been invited to a wedding or other event. You only have one course of action: You simply wait, and if you really were invited and the invitation was indeed lost, the host will contact you after the reply date to find out why you haven’t yet responded. It would be considered poor etiquette to approach the bride/groom and ask them directly.

Your other option is to ask a close, mutual friend or coworker to ask the bride and provide you, discreetly, with the answer. If you choose this option, be prepared for a possible disappointment.

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