First Encounters: After the engagement is announced

by epi on July 4, 2012

Q: My son has recently become engaged. Is it the responsibility of the groom’s parents to invite the bride’s parents to meet each other or is it the Bride’s. We want to do the proper thing. And how soon should this be done once the couple become engaged?

A: When parents of the bride and groom have not met each other before the wedding, tradition has it that the groom’s family calls the bride’s family to introduce themselves, express their happiness, and extend an invitation for a meeting.  If for any reason the groom’s family does not contact the parents of the bride, however, her father and mother should not stand on ceremony and wait for them to get in touch.  Instead they should make the first move themselves.  This is a time of joy for the couple.  Both sets of parents should act with spontaneity and in the spirit of friendship, regardless of who makes the first contact.  There is no “rule” as to how soon the first contact should be made.  Individual circumstances are often a factor, but it would be logical for either set of parents to initiate contact soon after being told about the happy news.

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David October 2, 2012 at 7:06 am

who makes the ceremonial toast in a wedding?, the groom or the brides father?


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