1. Elizabeth

    This might work if you bit into something and immediately recognized that you wanted to get rid of it. But sometimes, you’re a few chews in when you realize there’s a little bone fragment or something that makes you want to spit it out. I can’t imagine using my fork to remove a mouthful of chewed food and, worse, having to look at the little pile of masticated food sitting there on my place. In that case, if there was a paper napkin available, I would discretely turn my head as if I was going to cough, put the napkin up to my mouth, and quickly spit it out. Then I would ball up the napkin and put it out of sight. If only cloth napkins were available, I might dash off to the bathroom, or just use the cloth napkin and then discreetly ask the waiter for another.

    • Chara Watson

      I have to agree. This is a rule that has always baffled me. I find that it is far more discreet to put the bite into a napkin rather than put it on your plate for everyone to view. Also, who has time to practice removing bad food from your mouth?

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