Appropriate Acknowledgement: Thanking a friend who goes above and beyond

by epi on July 13, 2012

Q: My best friend just hosted a fantastic baby shower for me. She went way over board with a cake that cost over $100, a jogging stroller, beautifully wrapped baby clothing, favors for all of the guests, and prizes. I know when it comes to the day that I host her shower (soon), I will not be able to do the same financially. It will still be nice, but within my budget and she understands.

I feel that sending just a thank you card is lame. Is it acceptable for me to go above and beyond and send her flowers or something with more substance than a card?

A: Indeed it is perfectly acceptable, if not proper etiquette, to send your hostess a flower arrangement or other suitable gift as a thank you in addition to a card. The more thoughtful and personal your expression of gratitude, the more appreciated she will feel.

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