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  1. Vanna Keiler

    I think EPI response is spot-on with this one. I too, have had “opportunities” to participate in spec work, and I ensured there was a contract that if my ideas were used I would be adequately compensated. The other option is to decline the participation and look for other opportunities which offer more reasonable job interview procedures.

    In regards to the original question, what kind of interview would be ongoing for five months?? This sounds utterly absurd. There should have been some kind of contractual agreement (again) regarding expectations from the onset. To go into a five-month period sounds like a job to me. I would contact the individual by email or letter, requesting compensation for the work you did. If no compensation or response is forthcoming, I would contact the client, explain the situation and let the cat out of the bag. Surely there should be someone to complain to (BBB? Some other governing agency) regarding getting essentially swindled for non-compensated work. At the minimum, the consultant should have acknowledged your contribution in getting this client with your idea, offered to write an amazing reference letter to you for future employees and offered an explanation for not hiring you as verbally agreed. I hope someone else has better ideas on how to resolve this, but that is where I would start.

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