Political Participation: Is required attendance of political rallies legal?

by epi on June 12, 2012

Q: Is it legal for a nonprofit agency to require its management personnel to participate and attend political rallies or events?

A: In some states, political affiliation is what’s called a “protected category.”  In these states it may, in fact, be illegal to require employees to attend rallies or other political events.  In states where it’s not a protected category, this request technically would be legal — a terrible idea and a good way to lose employees, but legal.

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Vanna Keiler June 13, 2012 at 12:36 pm

I would say for companies other than non-profits, it’s not only illegal but unethical. Case in point: A company I worked for sent surveys to new hires, to determine their political leanings. I was almost tempted to enquire about it more officially to HR or be non-compliant , but bowing to pressure to succeed in a new job and not ruffle feathers so early on, I went ahead and filled out the survey. Of course, no one at the company knew anything about it (clearing throat noise). Next time, I will not be so timid. :)


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