1. lisa

    I have a son with special needs, although he looks “normal”. Despite our best efforts, he sometimes has very loud, aggressive tantrums in public. For example, while I was carrying him out of a store recently, he was yelling, “Stop choking me! I hate you! Put me down!” (Obviously I wasn’t choking him. We are working with a fabulous team on how to prevent these tantrums and how to extinguish them.) My question is “how I should handle the negative attention we receive from this”? Usually, I smile as best I can and carry on doing what our dr and therapist have taught us to do. Sometimes, I hand out a business card briefly describing our son’s disability and directing the reader to a website for more information. And very rarely do I answer back with a snarky comment. Which do you think is most appropriate? Any other ideas?

  2. Alicia

    Ignoring the attention is the best answer. The snarky makes you rude, the buisness card implies that any other parent dealing with a kid misbehaving is somehow less and slows down the removing your son from the area which is needed, going about your buisness of dealing with your son’s tantrum by removing him from the area and following a consistent fair negative reinforcement stratagy does the best possible option.
    So remove your son, teach him to not do it in the future , and when you are on the other side and see another parent dealing with their kid having a tantrum moment give a moment of sympathy and an understanding smile.

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