1. L.

    My previous position of two years was just eliminated a few weeks ago due to budget cuts and am needing to apply at some new companies. The general manager of my previous job was my only direct report and wrote me a letter of recommendation. I had to follow up a few times to receive the letter. He first sent the letter to the wrong address, and then when I finally received it, I quickly realized he had spelled my last name incorrectly. I explained my ‘weird’ spelling (its not very weird and he’s worked closely with my for two years, but I didn’t want to make him feel bad) and he said he’d send a new one. We are still on good terms as far as I know, and I’ve been very polite, but he hasn’t returned my calls or sent a new letter and its been 2 weeks. I need to apply for jobs immediately. My question is this; which is worse, submitting this letter of recommendation with my name spelled wrong or not submitting one at all from my last job? (just to add, there was no one else at the company above me, so it wouldn’t make sense to get a recommendation from anyone else.)

    • Alicia

      Apply for the jobs. Wait till you have the interview to deal with letters of recomendations. At least in my field written letters of recomendations have little place and are not used until narrowing between the top 2-3 canidates.

    • Lilli

      Agreed – apply for jobs! Many places won’t even ask for a letter – they’ll call your reference directly so as long as he agrees to be responsive to potential employers you should be good to go.

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