How Many Email Accounts Do You Have?

How Many Email Accounts Do You Have?

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  1. EMB

    I have four email accounts.

    Email #1 is provided by the community college where I am an adjunct instructor. This is the email contact I use for communications with my students, as well as my program chair and other college business.

    Email #2 is provided by my other employer, a university where I am a communication specialist. This is used strictly for business communications related to this job.

    Email #3 is a Hotmail account I have had for about a decade. I use it for “junk” – meaning, just about any random website (such as this one) that requires an email for posting, any sweepstakes entry, any online food order, etc. is assigned to that email. I check it periodically for order information and to clear out the spam.

    Email #4 is my personal Gmail account, for correspondence with family and friends.

  2. polite punk

    I have about 6 email accounts, but I feed all of them to my gmail account. This allows me to email people from the appropriate account, but also only have one place to check. Thus, making it easier to stay on top of my email.

  3. Chocobo

    I have two email accounts, one personal and one work. But it is notable that my personal email provider has an option to create “disposable” email accounts. I use the disposable accounts to sign up for anything that will send “junk” mail to me or when I do not want to give out my “true” email address, and any incoming mail to them can be routed directly into the trash or deleted at any time. It’s very useful.

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