1. Courtney

    Thank you for bringing up the potential photo issues. My parents are still married, but my fiance’s parents are both remarried. I know we will be taking a wide variety of family photos to accommodate everyone. Most likely one with both sets of families. Mine is just me, mom, dad, and brother. His is mom, dad, step dad, step mom, brother, half brother , step sister 1 and 2. We aren’t close with the step sisters or step mom but would definitely need them in a picture. However, I would love to have a picture with my parents and both of his birth parents. We can also do one with my parents and then his mom and spouse and another photo with dad and his spouse too just to make sure we get all the combos. I really would like to be able to frame the photo of just us and our parents. It is so much less complicated. We can put the big family photo somewhere else in our house. I feel bad wanting that but looking at it black and white…these are our parents and why we are here and that won’t ever change. They are amicable so I think it should be a fair request. Please be nice in your replies but does anyone have a strong opinion the other way?

    • Jody

      Courtney, I think you’ve come up with an excellent solution. Your photos will reflect all combinations and no parent/stepparent/step-sibling should feel left out. If the parents are amicable, and it’s what you want, I can’t foresee any issues.

  2. Rebecca Coe

    How does the seating chart work for divorced parents? Both Father and step-father are walking her down the isle, one of each side. I know they sit by their spouses but who goes in 1st, Mom, Step Mom/ where do they sit all of 1st row? Who’s on isle seat Father or stepdad, Mom, Father, Step Mom on same row/

    • Elizabeth

      There are no hard and fast rules for such things. Try not to see the seating in terms of ‘priority’ or ‘importance’, and rather just have the person standing closest to the seat scootch in first. Seating position really has no significance.

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