1. Zakafury

    None of the above. I add:

    Obviously intoxicated, loud, or belligerent concertgoers who are not promptly removed

  2. Jody

    I did vote for one item in the poll, but my top pet peeve wasn’t listed: people around you (intoxicated or not) who insist on conversing during the concert. If your conversation is that important, leave the venue!

  3. Winifred Rosenburg

    I was at a classical concert on Friday, and someone took a very long time unwrapping a sucking candy. That was very annoying!

  4. polite punk

    I think it depends on the venue, etc. I go to many of the music festivals and with several stages plus many venues, it’s expected for you to roam between areas. At a seated show with one stage, this is obviously different.

    However, I find umbrellas and high chairs to be the most annoying as they blatantly suggest that their owners don’t care about anyone else’s experiences. Concerts should be about community building, not self-centered enjoyment.

  5. carley

    what is proper when attending a event and meeting friends and you get in (already paid for and placed food order) and friends do not get in. sold out. should you leave? planned to be with them at this event.

    • Lori C

      Since this event had limited tickets for admittance, your friends should have arrived sooner. You arrived early enough to pay for your ticket and order food. Why should you be expected to leave a paid for event with food on the way? If your friends think you should have left to be with them, time to get new friends. The other option would have been to meet at an agreed upon time at the event early enough for all of you to be admitted.

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