1. Alex

    I am an East Coast native who has lived and worked on the West Coast for several years now. Every summer, I return home for a few weeks at the holidays and over the summer. I try to keep these visits low-key, but thanks to social media word always seems to get around. The last couple of times I’ve been home, I received multiple invitations to get together from people I’m not really that close with, like former co-workers or classmates who I haven’t been in touch with over the years. I prefer to spend my time at home with close friends and family, and it’s difficult to even fit in enough time for that. How can I politely handle invitations from more distant acquaintances who I’m less interested in seeing? Thank you!

    • Elizabeth

      “Jim, thanks for the invite! I wish I could make it, but my time at home is short and already quite overscheduled. Thanks for thinking of me!”

  2. Elizabeth

    I had a college graduation party last weekend and am currently writing thank-you notes. A common scenario that I keep coming across is addressing notes for gifts that were given to me by families of childhood friends. In some cases, there are multiple children in the family who I knew but I was only really close with one child and that child and their parents attended the party, gave me a gift and signed it from the family. For instance, growing up my family was close with the Smith family. Dr. and Mrs. Smith had two children, Joe and Sarah. I spoke with Joe occasionally but was better friends with Sarah. At the party, Dr. and Mrs. Smith were in attendance, as was Sarah (but not Joe). They gave me a gift and signed the card as being from “the Smiths”. How would I go about addressing the envelope and what salutation would I use in the thank-you card?

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