1. Hadley

    I am planning two cocktail parties one week a part from each other for work. We would like to give our guests the option to come on whatever date works best for them. However, we are concerned about the correct way to address this on the invitation. Does anyone have any advice?

    • Elizabeth

      I think I would need to know a bit more about the reason why two parties are being thrown instead of one. For instance, if your company’s offices are small and the clients won’t all fit in at the same time, the answer might be different then if the parties include a sales pitch and you want to try to attract as many people as possible.

      One option might be to split the guest list down the middle and invite one group to one and one group to another. To those who can’t make it to the first, the other option could then be offered.

      The easiest thing would be to find another venue that can accommodate the whole group and not split it up, but there must be some reason why that wouldn’t work.

    • Zakafury

      I think you could phrase is as an invitation to both, and ask them to RSVP for one or the other.

      “The Zaka Agency invites you to our receptions for the opening of the Hadley building, June 5th and 12th…

      RSVP with your Preferred Date to 555-1212″

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