1. Marjorie

    My son’s girlfriend has an exhibition of her art opening at a major museum. I am attending and wondered if there was a gift I should bring when I go to the opening?

  2. Alicia

    No, At the opening the artist will have her hands full networking and selling to help her art. She will not have a free hand in order to carry around a gift . Attend and say nice things about her art that is the nicest thing.

    • polite punk

      As an artist, I agree with Alicia. However, I would suggest something like sending flowers before with a congratulatory note as a nice gesture.

  3. Mary

    In requesting names from the mother of the groom for her guest list, my daughter was given only Mr. and Mrs. “Smith”. When she asked for the first name so that she could properly address the envelope, she was told that was all she needed-not to put a first name. This couple is unknown to her fiance. Do we try to find the first name, or should be address it only as the MOG directed?

    • Zakafury

      Your daughter’s fiance should press the issue with his parents. Seating cards or favors might also need names.

      There’s no reason he shouldn’t know the first name of his family’s guests at his wedding. It’s fairly clear this couple expects to be addressed by title, though.

  4. Alicia

    She throws this into her FI’s court. He needs to either get the names or make the choice to not invite them due to lack of name or to decide to address it incorrectly. But in this case this choice should go to the groom as it is his side of teh guest list and his moms friends.

  5. Winifred Rosenburg

    My husband’s great aunt just passed away. To whom should we send sympathy letters? She has three grown children and a long-term boyfriend. Should we send one letter to all of them or separate letters?

    • polite punk

      I imagine that the three grown children and long-term boyfriend do not all live at the same address. Thus, I would send separate letters.

  6. Mark

    My fiancee and I are preparing our wedding invitations. While we’re in complete agreement about handwriting the addresses on the outer envelopes, we seem to disagree about what to do about the reply card envelopes. My fiancee thinks they should be handwritten addresses as well, I think that’s a bit of overkill (for us, especially!). The Emily Post books seem to be silent on this. Should the reply card envelopes be handwritten or could they be printed?

    • Elizabeth

      The return envelope is has the address printed on it. That is, the address where the reply will be mailed to (presumably your home). If you don’t have the ‘professionally’ printed, there’s no reason you can’t send the reply envelopes through your home printer. There is no reason to print the return address on the reply envelope, which would mean that you’d be printing your guests’ addresses on them. They can do that themselves!

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