1. sue

    My 6yr old nephew and daughter were playing my Wii in my living room, the Wii remote strap broke and flew out of my nephews hand and broke my new flat screen tv. Who is responsible for the damages? It was my faulty remote but the kids were being hyper while in use of it. Is it an issue to take up with Wii or with family?

    • Elizabeth

      Sue, your question is in part a legal one, and I don’t know that folks here are really qualified to answer that. My first thought was, “this is exactly the kind of thing homeowner’s or renter’s insurance is for!” I would contact your policy holder to see if that kind of thing is covered. I think you are right to note that blame here is not clear. Accidents happen, and the kids are not to blame. If your insurance doesn’t come through, it would be nice for the parents to offer to chip in to help you replace the TV.

    • Alicia

      Neither. As the person in charge owning both the remote and aware of the behavior the fault goes to you in terms of knowing the risk and accepting the risk.You took the risk in letting the kids play wii and the result is yours to deal with ie cost of broken TV. The kids are kids and if acting out of control with your wii you should have let them know the boundries. Also Wii puts a lot of verbage as to that you must hold the wiimotes well and not to count on the wrist straps. So they warned you (the adult) and so really it is one of those what a shame moments but one that only you are resposible for.

  2. sue

    Thank you Elizabeth! Unfortunately I don’t have RI and believe me I am kicking myself for it! I do think I need to take something up with the manufacturer and then move on from there. Thanks again!

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