1. Nina

    To follow on from this question, how should invitations to a rehearsal dinner be issued? Is it a casual enough occasion to use email (or eVite), or do we still need mailed cards?


    • Zakafury

      Printed invitations for grandparents and siblings who aren’t in the wedding party might be nice, but I don’t think there is an expectation.

      I think that most people would be invited in person or via telephone when dealing with other wedding details. As a groomsman, I have not received any printed invitations to rehearsal dinners.

      Email is certainly a fine way to communicate if your close friends and family tend to use it (and I love knowing the address is available in my smartphone if something goes wrong on the way). I would not be inclined to invite grandparents via email, but your mileage may vary.

    • Courtney

      I think it really depends on your taste! I wouldn’t be offended if I were a bridesmaid and got an email about it. However, with that said, I would prefer a printed invitation. It can be a printed-at-home invite too! In the digital age, even for those of us that are always on our devices, love a formal invitation. For us, the groom’s parents are hosting so their names will get a chance to be on this invitation while my parents will be on the wedding invitation. It in a way gives the grooms parents “ownership” of the event so they can feel a part of the wedding events.

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