1. Sergio

    Here is a situation I was in recently at an informal party to watch a sports match. The occasion was informal, everybody was asked to bring something to contribute to a buffet-style lunch after the match. I know the host well.
    At the end of the gathering I offered the host to help clean-up. He politely refused. I insisted and the host politely refused a second time. I insisted a third time. Nevertheless I thought it good manners to still help to clean up and started to do so despite my host’s repeated refusals. Was I impolite to disregard my host’s refusal?

    • Your host declined your very kind offer three times. Perhaps he was simply being polite, or he is the sort (like me) who has a very specific way of cleaning. If that was the case, it was not good manners to continue to “help” clean, as it may have made your host very uncomfortable. I do hope in the future that you do not disregard your host’s wishes, as he may have very good reasons for them.

      Still, there are many hosts out there who appreciate a helpful guest. One or two offers to clean should be sufficient.

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