Essential Manners For Men: Etiquette Tips

by epi on May 15, 2012

from Essential Manners For Men

Gym Etiquette: Respecting the rules

  • Follow time limits and schedules for all machines.  Start on time and end on time.
  • Don’t monopolize the machines.  Don’t use them as spare seats, and don’t stand around them while talking to your buddies.
  • Make sure you wipe down your machine after use.
  • Despite what some magazines say, the gym is not the place to hit on someone.
  • Know the difference between a look and a stare.  Avoid the latter.

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Jody May 15, 2012 at 8:04 am

I’d like to add something to the list and, to be fair, it applies to women as well. If you need to move equipment around, put it back where you found it. I usually get to my company gym before any other patrons, and quite often have to put things back in their place just so I can use some equipment for its intended use.


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