Convenient Conferences: Giving appropriate notice prior to meetings

by epi on May 8, 2012

Q: How much notice should be given for ordinary business meetings?  Like most people, I’m pretty busy.  It seems to me that a request for a meeting should be sent out a week or two ahead of time.  I find a one- or two-day notice for a meeting presumptuous, perhaps even rude.  Am I off-base here?

A: Giving ample notice is nice when it’s possible.  I often have meetings scheduled a week or two in advance, or more.  But I’m just as likely to have an issue or project that comes up suddenly, necessitating a meeting on much shorter notice.  Both approaches are correct.  What I find really frustrating is when I’m asked to attend a meeting right away, only to discover that the “urgent” meeting could have easily been scheduled later to avoid interrupting other, more pressing work.

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