1. Chris G

    Every year, our home school group has a prom for about 30 kids. This year, one mom agreed to have the “after party” at her house… …but there will be two or three teen guests at her home that are not part of the home school prom group.

    Does proper etiquette state that the hostess is within her rights to invite whoever she wants to her home? Or will she be in the wrong by allowing teens who are not within the prom group to be at the after party? Thanks for any guidance on this.

    • Zakafury

      If the homeowner is actually The Host, then she is well within her rights to invite whomever she likes.

      It seems possible that she is The Venue, and more than one parent will be contributing to the planning (in time or money) of this after-party. In the latter case, the co-hosts are entitled to input as well.

      The biggest problem with guest lists is how to limit them without hurting any feelings. It may have been a misstep to dismiss the clearly appropriate distinction of prom-goers.

      • Chris G

        Thanks Zakafury. I was siding with what you said in your first paragraph. The hostess is presenting this after party (after the prom venue) as a generous “bonus” offering and this was not planned by other parents.

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