Take time to be thoughtful during the workday

by epi on April 16, 2012

By Dawn Stanyon

Imagine that it’s a busy day at work. You can’t get it all done. You work hard. You work diligently. You work late. Maybe you get most of it “done” – but maybe you don’t. How do you feel? Are you satisfied? Maybe it’s time to change what you’re doing.

In the article “Courage in the Workplace” in the December 2011 issues of CLO Magazine, author Sandra Ford Walston encourages workers – specifically those of us in white collar jobs – to consider stopping and thinking. “When we sit still, turning our attention inward and being quiet, we can find inner sources of energy, liberation, insight and personal courage,” says Walston.

Take time to reflect. Sometimes choose thought over accelerated action. Let go of stale ideas and move toward fresh directions.

Do you take time to reflect during the workday?

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