1. I have to confess, my biggest frustration isn’t on the list. It’s “reply-all” responses that really only need to go to the original sender. Those can really clog up an inbox!

  2. I’d like to chime in and say that what annoys me most: failure to respond. It’s quick and easy to say “Thank you. I got it and I’ll be beck in touch”. I’m referring to emails that contain important information that a person needs to move forward on a project, etc… not chain letters, sales promotions, etc…

  3. Olo

    I hope that misspelling “grammer” was on purpose, otherwise, you should verify twice before posting your articles.

  4. I would add something else that is a pet peeve of mine. When I receive forwarded emails, I don’t want to have to scroll down dozens of emails from around the world just to get to the message. It’s good manners to delete the emails of others so they aren’t targets of spammers or hackers and send the message via “blind cc”. This protects our privacy.

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