Picking a Place: Choosing a location for your meeting

by epi on April 17, 2012

Q: When sending an e-mail inviting someone to a meeting, is it more appropriate to invite her to your office, or to suggest meeting at hers?  Also, does it make a difference if that person is senior to you, or if getting to your office requires climbing a flight of stairs?

A: Circumstances should dictate where you meet.  For simple get-togethers with someone of similar standing, it makes sense to vary your location — sometimes inviting her to your office, other times making the effort to go to hers.  When in doubt, ask your colleague what her preference is.  If you’re scheduling a meeting with a person senior to you, you can offer to go to her.  On the other hand, if you have a lot of materials located in your office, indicate this and ask if she could come to your office instead.  While it’s totally appropriate to ask someone junior to you to come to your office, I like to make the effort to go to them some of the time, as well.  Finally, if your office is difficult to get to, offering to meet at the other person’s workplace is always a nice gesture — especially if getting to you would be a hardship.

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