1. Dani

    Hi, I have an rsvp question. I am curious if I should reply to the guest who have rsvp’d that they will not be attending? Also, should I reply to the guest that are attending or does the invitiation suffice?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Alicia

      No you do not need to. If someone sends a written RSVP or a voice mail RSVP that is the end of that conversation. If verbal on the phone or in person it would be wierd not to say something like “Great it will be fun” or “well thats is a shame we will miss you”

  2. polite punk

    I have a wedding gift question: I am still very close with a group of 10 or so high school friends, one of whom is getting married in August. Four of us are in the wedding. In the past, we have always given one large gift together (either an actual item or an experience depending on the couple). Is it still appropriate to do this if some of us are in the wedding or should the bridesmaids not be a part of the large group gift? thanks!

    • Alicia

      If the 9 of you want to do this then you absolutely should being bridesmaids does not need to change your gift giving.

  3. Ruth

    My last name is hyphenated – as in Mylastname-Husband’slastname. When having something monogrammed, which initials do I use? First, Middle, Mylast?

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