1. Melissa

    I have a friend getting married in the near future and she wanted me to ask (she chose to remain anonymous) how to properly invite certain people that she works with to her wedding without hurting the feelings of those that she cannot invite. Their budget is limited and she works for a rather large company. She just wants to invite her closest co-workers but doesn’t want others angry at her. What can she do?

  2. neecie

    How do you respond to an RSVP that is 2 1/2 weeks late and includes more than the invited guest after the final count has been given tot he hall and the seating chart has been finalized? Every attempt was made to contact this person before the final arrangements were made.

    • Alicia

      Call the person up today. Let them know that only the invited people are able to attend but that you would like those people to attend. Maybe they will back out for everyone if they still want the invited people to attend let them. Then call the catering company they will have a way to deal.

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