1. Jody

    I agree with EPI on the “meeting the date” question. As for how you introduce yourself, I’d like to add something. I think you should introduce yourself by whatever name you’d like your daughter’s date to call you. If you prefer to be called Mrs. Schreck that’s how you should introduce yourself. If you prefer he call you by your first name, introduce yourself as Corry Schreck .

  2. Glen

    I had a martial arts instructor with a teenage daughter. He had an old baseball bat with several large nails driven through the end of the bat and a shoebox of nails. He would show them to his daughter’s date and ask him to “choose your nail.”

  3. Polymathamy

    My mom told me early on that unless my date came to the door to pick me up, I would not allow to go out with him. She made it clear that I was to be respected, not treated like a dog who comes running to a whistle or the honk of a car horn.

  4. Heather

    I have always read that it is impolite to introduce yourself with an honorific. So whether you are introducing yourself to a teen or contemporary, it would be “hello, I’m Corry Schreck.” The (proper) teen would call you Mrs. Schreck unless/until you invite otherwise (“Please, call me Corry”).

    Or is this now outmoded? Possibly no one has the sense to call someone by a formal name and needs to be directed to do so?

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